We build & acquire companies, fueled by our own ecosystem.

We shape the future with people from every corner of the world.

Digital Media
We own 89 websites in 4 publishing networks with high quality content in 3 languages.
Consumer Tech
We develop smart productivity mobile applications for young professionals.
We started in 2005 as a c-suite management consulting firm, we kinda stuck to it.
We own an e-commerce supporting independent brands located in Taiwan.
We own a data-driven platform that accelerates dealflows and gives access to investors.
We support and create our in-house educational system for staff & e-learning

LZS' Footprint

Loft Zero Six was founded in 2021, but has been active in the six industries for over a decade. We decided to streamline our process, pick a cool name and mark ourselves finally in the world of digital forever!

It's pretty cool stuff we do. Some of our most notable brands & ventures:

Publish Me This

Digital Media & Display

A network that operates worldwide in 3 different languages.

Nakamo Studio

Digital Media & Publishing

Smaller media network that focuses on lifestyle media, e-book publishing & food.


Deal sourcing

A data-driven intelligence dashboard that accelerates deal flows for start-ups.

Loft 06 Fund

Experimental Investing, Private Equity & Micro Acquisitions of start-ups in early stage.


E-commerce with Taiwan as the only target market. Supporting independent brands.

Nakamo Labs

Builds valuable structured web data solutions and integrations paired with AI, ML & NLP

Like what you read?

We are always open to any collaboration, as long as it matches one of our industries. We welcome young talent, people with badass ideas but need some support and we aim for borderless work without limits!